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Hi What’s Up Everyone,

I’ve been working with some VR devices, and came across the Samsung Gear VR. I felt really excited about this, so I wanted to share with everyone how you can deploy your Unreal Engine 4 games directly to the Samsung Gear VR. I hope you enjoy the tutorial! Till next time!


Tegra SDK:

Thanks to JJ Hoesing from Epic Games for the Instructions below.

Alright. For anyone who wants to grab the latest from the GitHub 4.7 branch, these instructions should get you started.

– Have a Note 4 and GearVR kit, and already be set up with the ability to build and deploy Android UE4 projects to your device
– Grab 4.7 from GitHub and run the Setup.bat in order to get the latest binaries. Please make sure to re-run Setup.bat if you have already run it, because there are new libraries for GearVR support
– Get an osig file for your device from
– Create an ‚assets‘ directory within Engine/Build/Android/Java, and place your osig file in this assets directory. Your project *will not run* on device without this osig present in this directory at packaging time

Build and Run the editor:
– Run GenerateProjectFiles.bat to update your solution
– Open ue4.sln in visual studio, and build and run the UE4 project in ‚Development Editor – Win64‘ configuration

Create your project:
– Select the ‚New Project‘ tab
– Select the ‚C++‘ tab (currently GearVR support requires a C++ project since plugins are not built into the default executables)
– Select the ‚First Person‘ template
– Change the options to ‚Mobile / Tablet‘, ‚Scalable 2D / 3D‘, ‚No Starter Content‘
– Name your project something like ‚MyGearVR‘
– When visual studio opens up again, compile and run the MyGearVR project

Configure and package your project for GearVR:
– Go to the ‚Windows/Plugins‘ menu item, and go to the Head Mounted Displays page – disable Oculus (optional) and enable GearVR, click ‚Restart Now‘
– Select the ‚Edit/Project Settings…‘ menu item
– In the Android section, scroll to the top and click the ‚Configure Now‘ button for Android support
Set the Minimum SDK version to 19 or higher
Select the ‚Configure the AndroidManifest for deployment to GearVR‘ checkbox
– In the Packaging section, optionally click the advanced down arrow in Project and disable ‚Full Rebuild‘ in order to speed iteration times
– Select the ‚File/Package Project/Android/Android (ETC2)‘ menu item and package your project to a directory of your choosing

Install and Run:
– Connect your device and have it able to accept adb sessions. Please see the normal UE4 Android documentation for details if you’re not familiar with this process
– Run the installation script from within the directory you packaged to
– On device, find your application icon, click it, and then attach the GearVR headset to the phone


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