Samsung Gear VR has a great new game out called „Viral“, which is one of their new shooting games that is used with their cool Oculus Rift headset on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Samsung Galaxy S6. I wasn’t expecting the Samsung Gear Vr to have as many virtual worlds as they have this year, but no kidding, the virtual reality they are coming out with is as of this very instant, is certainly beating the competition. Games like „Viral“ are a blast. They’re addicting and fun games that kids of all ages can play – assuming you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Samsung Galaxy S6 – and it keeps the adults glued to their seats. Because addicting games like this are a perfect distraction – let’s get real, these are awesome games. „Viral“ has great characters – and, okay, I didn’t get into the story … but … There are certain video games that don’t need much of a story. Look at all the killing games out there! This is one of those same types of awesome games, but without all the bloodshed. It’s like virtual reality for people who enjoyed dodge ball.

Again, Samsung Gear VR is ahead of the other virtual reality we see out there. Sure, these may be boy games, but I think that these are girl games, too. „Viral“ spans both our world and the virtual worlds. Oculus Rift and these other platforms will have a lot on their plate to try and compete with this. People are going to be asking „What’s better? Samsung Gear VR or the Vive?“ And I can’t wait to find out. These are awesome games and we’re lucky that video games are so cool now! We have more Samsung Gear VR games right around the corner so I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Thanks for joining me, and if you have fun, please subscribe! It was great as always.


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- Virtual Reality Freak der vorletzten Stunde, zu Hause in den zwiebelförmig Schichten der Matrix_en des Lebens und immer auf der Suche nach der roten Pille. The Blue One SuXs!

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