Virtual Reality Cover Shooter desigend for Room-Scale VR – Tech Demo Gameplay

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V.R.C.S. (Virtual Reality Cover Shooter) is cover shooter engine for Unity3D, designed for Virtual Reality HMDs with room-scale tracking.
This is a gameplay tech demo showing some of the gameplay mechanics of the engine. The example scene is usese assets from Unitys Bootcamp demo, because the code base and the example scene will be released on Unitys Asset Store for free, once it reaches a stable version with room-scale capabilities.

Parallel to the VR Cover Shoter Engine, i’m developing a game that is based on V.R.C.S.. But unlike this tech demo, that game uses high quality assets to create a dark and intense atmosphere.
Those assets are not used in the tech demo, because i don’t want to release them for free.

At the moment i’m using an Oculus Rift DK2 and a Razer Hydra for prototyping. This setup only has limited tracking abilities, and the project will be updated as soon i get my hands on room-scale tracking hardware.


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Über den Autor
- Virtual Reality Freak der vorletzten Stunde, zu Hause in den zwiebelförmig Schichten der Matrix_en des Lebens und immer auf der Suche nach der roten Pille. The Blue One SuXs!

Profilbild von videos_for_life

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